AC-WC Mixed Characterstics With Temperature Version of Mixing

Rainal Rainal, Priyo Pratomo, Rahayu Sulistiyorini


This study was conducted to determine the effect of temperature variations on the mixing process
of the hot mix asphalt (hot mix asphalt) to Marshall parameters with reference to the specification
of Bina Marga, 2010.
Variations in mixing temperature 125 o C, 135 o C, 145 o C, 155 o C, 160 o C AC-WC layer smooth
gradations center limit with asphalt content of 5.7%, at a mixing temperature of 125 oC does not
meet the Bina Marga specifications, because the value of the air voids in the mix (VIM) at a
temperature of 125 o C at 5.611%, which exceeds the minimum standards at 3.5% to 5%. As for the
temperature variation of 135 o C to 160 o C mixing has met the minimum value of the Marshall
parameter. Next to the mixing temperature variations upper limit 6.8% asphalt content
temperatures are not eligible to be in a temperature of 125 o C. Due to a temperature of 125 o C
value of the cavity filled with asphalt (VFA) of 62.718% below the minimum standard value that is
equal to 65%. As for the value of air voids in the mix (VIM) which exceeds the minimum value of
5% is in the temperature 125 o C, 135 o C, 145 o C which each value by 7.778%, 6.8919%, 6.2490%,
and then at a temperature of 160 o C for 3 , 1429% of the value below the minimum value of 3.5%.
Only at a temperature of 155 o C which meet Marshall parameter values.
Keywords : Temperature, Asphalt Concrete-Wearing Course (AC-WC), Marshall Parameter ,Bina
Marga Specification 2010.

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