Jurnal Rekayasa Sipil dan Desain

JRSDD (Journal Rekayasa Sipil Dan Desain) P-ISSN: 2303-0011 (Print); E-ISSN: 2715-0690 (Online) - is a journal managed by the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lampung and published by the University of Lampung. JRSDD is published periodically (4 times a year) in March, June, September and December.
JRSDD is free (open access) for all readers. The articles in JRSDD cover developments and research in the field of Civil Engineering (theoretical studies, experiments, and their application). For more details on Focus and Scope.

JRSDD also carries a section on Comments and Critics, which provides a forum to express various points of view, comments, clarifications, and corrections to misunderstandings about topics in published papers. Journal readers are sincerely invited to contribute their ideas to this forum. Contributions to the Comments and Critics section should be relatively brief, usually 8 to twelve pages of manuscripts, one column, written in Indonesian and English, and will be published as soon as possible.

Vol 10, No 4 (2022): Edisi Desember 2022

Table of Contents

Makalah Ilmiah Edisi Desember 2022

M. Arif Yoga Sembada, Sasana Putra, Dwi Herianto, Rahayu Sulistyorini
Hal. 527 - 536
I Gusti Made Ferdi Kusuma, Sasana Putra, Siti Anugrah Mulya Putri Ofrial, Dwi Herianto
Hal. 537 - 548
Dinda Maya Sari Putri, Sasana Putra, Muhammad Karami, Rahayu Sulistyorini
Hal. 549 - 562
Windi Retno Asih, Bayzoni Bayzoni, Hasti Riakara Husni, Chatarina Niken
Hal. 563 - 574
Indana Zulva, Bayzoni Bayzoni, Hasti Riakara Husni, Mohd Isneini
Hal. 575 - 590
Achmad Bagus Fakhrizal, Yuda Romdania, Endro Prasetyo Wahono, Ahmad Herison
Hal. 591 - 604
Rahma Amilia, Laksmi Irianti, Surya Sebayang, Ratna Widyawati
Hal. 605 - 620