Pengaruh Derajat Kejenuhan Pada Tanah Gambut Menggunakan Uji Kuat Geser Tanah

Achmad Paksi Firdaus, Setyanto Setyanto, Ahmad Herison


The soil occupies an important role in the construction of a building, the main benefit of the soil is
as a foundation of the construction, there are several soil shear strength tests, such as Direct
Shear Test, and Vane Shear Test. Each test can produce different test results for the same test
object. This may occur due to different testing procedures and workings of different tools as well
as the main test result targets of each equipment in the determination of soil parameters.
Therefore, a careful soil investigation is needed, especially to determine the degree of saturation
in peat soils by using soil shear strength test. In this study, the soil tested is a type of peat soil
originated from the Rawa Seragi area, Belimbing Sari Village, Jabung District, East Lampung
District.The tests were conducted directly in the laboratory for 12 (twelve) points and at different
depths with Vane Shear and Direct Shear tools used to calculate the soil and maximum reading
ability on the torsimeter dial. Based on the test results obtained the average shear strength value
of Vane Shear on saturated soil at 30cm with an average value of 0.0379 and at a depth of 50cm
with an average value of 0.0384 and on unsaturated soil at a depth of 30cm with an average value
of 0.0434 and at a depth of 50cm with an average value of 0.0406 thus obtained a decrease of
Keywords: Degree of Saturation, Peat Soil, Shear Strength Test

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