Studi Optimalisasi Fasilitas Parkir di Fakultas Keguruan Ilmu Pendidikan (FKIP) Universitas Lampung

Maulana Rendri Yuda, Rahayu Sulistyorini, Dwi Herianto


This study consisted of two phases, which collects data required parking, such as license plate
numbers of vehicles, to enter and exit the vehicle, and then analyze it with some formula that is
used as a parameter conclusion. This study uses several parameters that are used as a reference
conclusion and settlement of the problem, namely the accumulation of vehicle parking, parking
index, duration of parking, parking capacity, as well as parking turnover rate (PTO). From the
calculation results will be concluded and related solutions in that Faculty.
From the analysis, the accumulated value obtained in FKIP largest car park as many as 54
vehicles, while the majority of motor vehicle accumulation of 869. In calculating the capacity of
the car park at FKIP obtained the largest parking capacity as many as 557 vehicles, while for
most motor vehicle parking capacity that is equal to 6361 vehicles. In parking index calculation
index values obtained for the vehicle's biggest car park as many as 125,81%, while the largest
motor vehicle as much as 114,49%. At the turn of the calculation in the FKIP-level parking for
automobiles obtained maximum value of 3,79, while in a motor vehicle obtained maximum
parking turnover rate of 3,64. From calculations conclude that the motor vehicle parking area at
FKIP could not accommodate vehicle parking. As a solution to the problem of the parking lot,
then made plans car and motor vehicle parking area at the FKIP plan that can accommodate
vehicles parked cars on the faculties.
Keywords : FKIP, parking index, parking duration , parking capacity, PTO

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