Analisis Sedimentasi Di Check Dam Study Kasus : Sungai Air Anak dan Sungai Talang Bandung Desa Talang Bandung, Kecamatan Sumber Jaya, Kabupaten Lampung Barat

Holong Togatorop, Dyah I Kusumastuti, Subuh Tugiono


The river is a source of water that is accommodating and drain the water and material ingredients
brought from the upstream. Problems which often occur in the upstream region is land erosion
causing sedimentation. The purpose of this study is: to determine the sediment rate and to
calculate filling time check dam of Air Anak River and Talang Bandung river.
The location of this research is in the Air anak watershed and Talang Bandung watershed, Sumber
Jaya Districts, Lampung Barat. Data needed in this research is suspended load sediment data,
rainfall data, and water level data. The method used in this study is the prediction model
parametric approach to Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), measured sediment analysis,
analysis of check dam age.
From the analysis using USLE method it is found that the amount of sedimentation Air Anak
Watershed is 3.306.3091 tons / year and sedimentation Talang Bandung Watershed is 6.913.3709
tons / year. While the magnitude of the measured sediment sample is for the Air Anak Watershed is
4.447.3193 tons / year with the sedimentation rate is 4.043.0175 tons / year and the amount of
sedimentation for Talang Bandung Watershed is 13.501.3716 tons / year with a sedimentation rate
is 12 273 , 9742 tons / year. From the research results it can be known the age of check dams for
Air Anak Watershed is 148 days and Talang Bandung Watershed is 73 days.
Keywords: sedimentation, Air Anak watershed, Talang Bandung watershed, USLE methode

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