Analisa Kesalahan Pemodelan Data Pasang Surut Stasiun Tanjung Priok

Agus Ari Prasetyo, Ahmad Zakaria, Margareta Welly


This research was conducted to study the characteristics of tides and tidal make synthetic model.
The data used tide data hourly to the length of the data in 1985-1987 at the station Tanjung Priok,
Jakarta province, Indonesia.
The modeling is performed using a data length of 15 daily or for any length of data to 360 hours
and data 30 daily or for any length of data 720. Using data from tide observations obtained and
apply Anfor equations and method least squares can be generated model of periodic tidal hourly.
Model periodic tidal of tidal observation data is assumed as the model data obtained by using 9
tidal harmonic components. From the modeling results and the measured data can be seen the
correlation coefficient and the value of modeling errors.
Based on these results we can conclude tidal hourly synthetic time series obtained significantly
approaching tidal measurable. The correlation coefficient was very good, the value of the average
correlation coefficient models 30 daily periodic observation is 0.9377 and the average of
correlation coefficient models 15 daily periodic observation is 0.9571. From this research can be
seen the value of a good tide data and allow for cost saving tide observations with 15 days of
keywords: daily tidal, the value of modeling errors, correlation coefficient

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