Analisis Perhitungan Stabilitas Lereng dengan Metode Fellenius (Ordinary Method of Slice) Menggunakan Program PHP (Professional Home Page Hypertext Preprocessor)

Akhmad Ridho Fatria, Iswan Iswan, Ahmad Zakaria


Slopes as we know is a sloping ground surface and forming an angle to a horizontal plane and
unprotected. Slopes there are generally divided into two categories of land slope, the natural
slopes and artificial slopes. Slope collapse could occur as a result of thrust arising due to the load
on the ground. In the method of calculation of the safety factor of the slope stability, a method
frequently used in calculating the slope stability is by Fellenius method (Ordinary Method of
Slice), Fellenius method first introduced by Fellenius, slope stability calculations with Fellenius
method if the count is use a lot of complicated manual calculations so that it becomes less
practical and relatively take times.
One effort to get the accurate calculation of slope stability in a short time, which is by making the
safety factor calculation program on the stability of the slope using a programming language.
From the comparison calculation with the program and the results of manual counting,
Calculating the percentage difference of less than 1 %, so the program can be used. With the data
that you have this program is able to calculate with no more than 1 minute after entering the data
slope previously calculated manually. While for the time that is required in calculating or writing
the result of manual calculation takes more than 60 minutes. Then it will produce time efficiency
faster than using a manual calculation.
Keywords: Analysis of Slope Stability, Safety Factor, Fellenius Method, PHP

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