Perencanaa Sistem Penyediaan Air Baku di Kecamatan Punduh Pidada dan Kecamatan Padang Cermin, Kabupaten Pesawaran

Merida Kristia, Gatot Eko Susilo, Yuda Romdania


The main needs of water for various purposes will continue to increase based on the
number of people who continue to grow and the development of the rate of developments
in various sectors. On the other hand, the number of infrastructure delivery of water is
currently still relatively limited, that hasn’t meet the needs of water. The demands
unavoidable, but shall predictable and planned utilization as well as possible. A trend
frequent are the imbalance between supply and demand for water. To achieve a balance
between the need for water and availability of water in the future , efforts are required to
meet builders infrastructure raw water community.
Domestic water needs for Padang Cermin sub-district is 32,46 l / s and Punduh Pidada
sub-district is 10 l / s for 2015. For the next 20 years, the demands for water will be
71,18 l/s for Padang Pidada sub-district and 71,18 l/s for Padang Cermin sub-district.
The availability of water must meet the size of the high demand for water in order to
satisfy their daily needs. Methods used to acknowledge the number of the availability of
water is the method by F.J. Mock. The calculation on that available minimum discharge
in das way selorejo is 78 l / s and das way curup is 97 l / s.
From the calculation on above, the availability and needs water at das way curup and
das way selorejo had a surplus of the availability of water because environmental
conditions in kecamatan punduh pidada and kecamatan padang cermin is in good
Keywords : Water needs, availability of water, Water Supply Building Materials

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