Pengaruh Pergerakan Candra Superstore Terhadap Kinerja Jaringan Jalan Disekitarnya

Novri Yanti Purba Tanjung, Rahayu Sulistyorini, Sasana Putra


Bandar Lampung as a central economic city in Lampung. In terms of urban development, the most
prominent and rapidly is a shopping center, one of which is a shopping center Candra Superstore.
The purpose of this research is to measure the traffic performance on the road and intersections
that being affected by Candra Superstore, as well as measuring the impact from the Candra's late
movement which is in this case is about the long queue and delays of vehicles that line up in front
of the entrance of the store that cause the traffic issues around the store, so that this problem could
be solved.
From the research that has been done, Candra Superstore traffic flow affected by the vehicle that
line up in front of the store and resulted in high traffic jam especially at the peak hours around ,
because the vehicle is out of Candra lead to delays and long queues resulting congestion is quite
high traffic jam in front of the line up Candra, especially at peak hours at 16:00 -17.00.
Keywords: free flow speed, degree of saturation, capacity, long queues, delays at intersections

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Department of Civil Engineering

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University of Lampung


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