Tinjauan Momen Lentur Pelat Dua Arah dengan Metode Perencanaan Langsung dan Metode Elemen Hingga

Muhammad Fahri, Suyadi Suyadi, Eddy Purwanto


This research conducted to study and determine the bending moment plate by using the Direct
Design Method and Finite Element Method. In the procedure of calculation of concrete structures
for buildings, namely SNI 2847 2013 has been set up several plates planning methods one of
which is a method of using the Direct Design Method analysis. Finite element method (FEM) is
dividing a complex problem into small elements where a simpler solution can be easily obtained.
The theory used in plate analysis with the FEM is Kirchhoff-Love theory in which the limits are
used specifically for the analysis of thin plates with small deflections by ignoring the transverse
shear forces. The program is used by applying the Finite Element Method in this study is a
Microsoft Excel as a tool for calculations and modeling program SAP 2000 as a plate structure.
From the calculations that the value of deflection and the bending moment on the plate two
directions with varying results.From the results obtained show that the static moments of total
factored Direct Planning Method and the Finite Element Method showed results equal to each
other . Distribution moments on the foundation and interior plate field differently due to direct
Planning Method using a great moment coefficients in pedestal while the Finite Element Method
using transition stiffness matrix
Keywords:Direct Design Method, Finite Element Method, Two way slab, SAP 2000

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