Uji Kuat Tekan Paving Block Menggunakan Campuran Tanah dan Kapur Dengan Alat Pemadat Modifikasi

Diah Larasati, Iswan Iswan, Setyanto Setyanto


Paving blocks are widely used as a public building construction, especially for paving roads,
yards, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. The use of materials such as paving block the main constituent
of cement and sand is relatively expensive. So in this study will provide another alternative to
using a mixture of soil and lime.
Soil samples tested were from Kota Baru, South Lampung, with variations in the levels of the
mixture used is 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% and the curing time for 14 days, as well as with the
treatment without burning and burning which will then be tested compressive strength and water
The results showed that the compressive strength occurs at the most optimal mix of 15% and a
decline in a mixture of 20%. The addition of lime percentage ≤15% resulted in the addition of
compressive strength of paving blocks, while the addition of lime percentage of 20% resulted in a
decrease in the compressive strength of the paving blocks. The compressive strength without
burning still not meet the specifications of SNI 03-0691-1996, while paving blocks with burning
the lime content of 15% is already included in the classification of the quality of D. Water
absorption test values not meet the specifications of paving blocks SNI 03-0691-1996 which
ranges from 3%-10%.
Keywords : Paving block, kapur, kuat tekan, daya serap air

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SNI 03-2097-1991. Standar Nasional Indonesia 03-2097-1991, tentang Kapur untuk

Bahan Bangunan. Dewan Standardisasi Nasional.

SNI 03-0691-1996. Standar Nasional Indonesia 03-0691-1996, tentang Bata Beton

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