Pengaruh Hardenability dan Tempering Terhadap Kekuatan Tarik dan Kekuatan Impak Baja E335

Muhammad Budi Haryono, Wikan Budi Utami


Hardenability had much attention becauce make high strenght and good ductility of material. The research aimed investigate quenching treatmen (water, salt water and chalk water) at mechanical properties of E335 steel. In this research, E335 steel be heated on Hoffman at temperature 880⁰C 2 hours, after that every material is dipped into a different quenching treatmen and then tempering at temperature 600⁰C 2 hours. End of method is material charaterization (Tensil strenght and impak) The results obtained with the Chalk water has better tensile strength and impak strength


teknik mesin;mesin;unila


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