Reduksi Bising Motor Diesel Menggunakan Partial Enclosure

Ahmad Suudi


Noise is one of the environmental problems that we must concern on it, not just it can produce  healthy problems, but it can reduce working productivity too. This research is  aimed to reduce noise produced by diesel engine in the laboratory of motor combustion engine.

The experiment was conducted by using partial enclosure to enclose side by side of the engine. The enclosure was made by plywood 1.2 cm  and filled by coconut husk. The data was taken by started giving 1000 rpm first to the engine, then  with 500 rpm gradually until 3500 rpm. The probe used in this research Integrating Sound Level Meter - Type 2239 A.

The result shown that by using partial enclosure noise was reduce about 15,52 % to the origin and the distribution of the noise high on air intake channel and discharge channel of the engine. 

Keywords: noise reduction, partial enclosure, sound level meter.

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