Redesign Drainage System and Infiltration Wells Design in Lampung University (Case Study: UNILA Statue-Al-Wasi'i Mosque)

mohammad lutfi yunianto, Ofik Taufik Purwadi, Yuda Romdania


Drainage is a way  for removal of excess water with a solution about excess of water. Nevertheless, a lot of drainage systems have a bad performance and out of its function. One of them is drainage system in Lampung University around Al-Wasi’i Mosque-Lampung University statue. One of the solution is environmental arrangement and one of the environmental arrangement is redesign of drainage system. It aim for resolve some flood inundationthat happened  in the rain because failed optimilize in drainage system aroun Al-Wasi’i Mosque-Lampung University statue. The analysis conducted in this research includes hydrology analysis and hydraulics analysis using HEC-RAS 4.1.0 application. Hydrology analysis aims to calculate the design discharge using rational, haspers and weduwen methods and modeling with HEC-RAS 4.1.0 application aims to determine the capacity of the water level  existing channel. So it can be known where the position of the flood point and planning the new channel dimensions. Based on the analysis, the need for dredging at D8-D10 indicating the occurrence of run off  and inundation at across of Al-Wasi’i Mosque. Planning of infiltration wells is also very needed to overcome the problem of frequent flooding in Faculty of Engineering. It is also necessary to decrease run-off discharge in channel around Al-Wasi’i mosque’s areas.The necessary is did concrete lining in base and two-side of channel. 


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ISSN: 2303-0011