Korelasi antara Kuat Tekan Bebas dengan Kuat Tekan Geser langsung pada Tanah Lanau Disubstitusi dengan Pasir

Aulia R Sudarman, Lusmeilia Afriani, Iswan Iswan


This study aims to get the correlation between the soil compressive strength and soil shear
strength directly on silt substituted with granulated materials. This is done because if building
structures on the silt soil will cause several problems including a small value of the compressive
strength and low shear strength after incurring. For the testing is done with a mixture of sand, silt
soil so that it can be seen how much sand mixture to resist the forces on the load that is above the
To determine the sand effect on silt soil , with the compressive strength and shear strength that has
been made by way of mixing the sand by 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%. From the test results showed
an increase in the compressive strength of 0.3723 kg/cm 2 in a mixture of 10% sand and a decrease
in the mixture thereafter. In the direct shear strength value increased 30% when variations mixture
of sand that is equal to 0.4290 kg / cm 2 , the cohesion of 0.27 kg / cm 2 and the friction angle in at
Keywords: silt soil, sand, soil compressive strength, soil direct shear

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